14A – The theory of 3D didactic

In this modul the theory behind the 3D didactic is explained

Your assumptions

IF YOU HAVE NO EXPERIENCE with using The Creative Platform in your work, then you should be aware that this is a fundamentally different way of teaching which will demand much of you as a teacher. The reason being that the Creative Platform belongs to a paradigm that is new to most people - the paradigm of pre-sensing. Look here to learn more about The Creative Platform.

The Research Center of The Creative Platform, Aalborg University, Denmark


Slide / Part of course

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Description of course

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Teaching materials for The Creative Platform


Developed by the Research Centre for The Creative Platform at Aalborg University

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This page contains a course based on The Creative Platform.

The white and black slides are worn them your participants / students are watching. 

The red slides containing instructions for the 3D cases you should use to prepare students in the subsequent part-task

The blue slides contain some tasks that students must work with.

In this column you will find videos that show how the concrete course is instructed.

You will also find videos that show how the practicalities looks when a team is taught


The lecture

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This 3D case is used to ….

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